Top 10 Places to Visit Near the Equator

A gallery is a space where art is displayed. It can be a physical or virtual space, and open to the public or private. Some galleries are commercial and charge visitors an entrance fee while others are not-for-profit or run as a cooperative.

Gallery spaces (physical)

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The National Gallery in London

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario

The Louvre in Paris, France

The Tate Modern in London, England

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria

The Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The gallery is a collection of images that are grouped together in an album. The gallery is typically located on the homepage or near the homepage.

A gallery can be created by uploading images to the website, linking to external image hosting sites, or embedding images from social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

Gallery can also be used for displaying products, services, and other content.

A gallery is a space to display artwork. Galleries are typically housed in museums, art schools, universities, or private spaces.

Galleries can be categorized based on what type of art they show:

-Commercial galleries that represent artists and sell their work

-Non-commercial galleries that represent artists but do not sell their work

-Public galleries that are funded by public money and/or admission charges

-Private galleries that are funded by the artist or an individual collector