by Will Slater, Peter Marshall, Ben Barrass & Oliver Turpin

A selected visual history of St Andrew’s Dock

Twenty years ago St. Andrew’s Dock was the beating heart of Hull’s fishing community, an industry which defined the city and still echoes through it today. Now the dock stands derelict, a marshy wasteland overseen by the monolithic husk of the Lordline building, dominating the approach to the city.
Over the years and decades photographers have documented the dock from its thriving heyday to the present day. The small selection here shows a snapshot of St. Andrew’s over the best part of a century.

END DATE: May 18th

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Peter Marshall was born in 1945 in London.

His first major show, ‘Still Occupied’ on the redevelopment of Hull was shown at the Ferens Gallery, Hull in 1983. In recent years he has concentrated on showing photography on the web, in sites including ‘The Buildings of London’, ‘London’s Industrial Heritage’, ‘The River Lea’ and ‘My London Diary’. Work from ‘London’s Industrial Heritage’ formed the basis of his show at the FotoArtFestival in Bielsko-Biala, Poland in 2005 and from ‘My London Diary’ in FotoArte 2007 in Brasilia, Brazil. As well as taking part in various exhibitions he has also curated several photography and art exhibitions in London. His work on London is in various public and private collections and has been widely published.

You can see more of Peter’s photographs of Hull at

When Ben Barrass was younger ‘exploring’ was just something that he did with his friends. With the advent of the world wide web and popularity of urban exploration websites suddenly a plethora of locations were opened up to him and his camera all across the UK.

Growing up in the East Riding Ben was used to the remnants of World War 2 – bunkers and gun emplacements, not to mention many buildings left derelict by dying industry in and around Hull. Since then he has explored the length and breadth of the UK, from abandoned jet testing facilities to vast empty mills, eerie asylums and hospitals.

You can see more of Ben’s work at

Oliver Turpin is predominantly a travel photographer, visiting far-flung locales all around the globe and capturing sometimes familiar sights often with his own unique twist. Before he left on his globetrotting adventures he was fascinated by the abandoned buildings in Hull and spent time exploring them.

Oliver shoots with a great eye for detail and his photographs reveal hidden depths on closer viewing.

You can see more of Oliver’s work at

Will Slater has always had a fascination with buildings, both inside and out. He turned his photography to this in the mid-2000s, and soon discovered that Hull’s abandoned buildings provided a fantastic playground for the creative photographer. A growing interest in the history of the buildings he was visiting led to the documenting of several buildings around the city which have since been demolished as well as visits to sites all over the UK.

Will’s fascination with architecture continues, and he is currently working on a project photographing some of the brutalist structures around Hull.

You can see more of Will’s work at

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END DATE: May 18th

12:00 pm
5:00 pm

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HIP Gallery
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