ALCOHOL & ENGLAND (HIP Festival Exhibition)

by Peter Dench

ALCOHOL & ENGLAND by Peter Dench. HIP Photography Festival, 1st to 30th October 2016, Princes Quay, Hull

“Pickled. Soused. Mullered. Blotto. Hog-whimpering. Pie-eyed. Tired and emotional; downwind of a few. The presence of so many words and phrases in the English language to describe a state of inebriation surely says something about the English themselves: this is a nation that seeks the comfort of oblivion – towards the bottom of a bottle. But why do the English tipple until they fall over? Is it simply the weather, so wearyingly unpredictable? Is it to overcome the awkwardness inherent in a half-denied class system? Is it just because the English are more culturally advanced, and have realized there is no cure for the human condition but nice-tasting painkillers? All these possibilities are explored in Peter Dench’s witty, challenging, sometimes dazzling, sometimes affecting photo-diary of Anglo-Celtic drunkenness. The result is a unique and compelling visual history, full of photography that bears a striking resemblance to the drinking it depicts: at best it is perfectly intoxicating”.

START DATE: Oct 1st Oct 30th

Peter Dench is a photographer with over 15 years experience in the advertising, editorial, portraiture and video fields of image making. He is represented worldwide at Getty Images Reportage. His achievements include: World Press Photo Award in the People in the News Stories category and participation in the World Press Joop Masterclass. Football’s Hidden Story, a FIFA sponsored reportage comprising 26 stories across 20 different countries, received six global accolades.

Exhibitions include: The British Abroad at the Photoreporter Festival & HIP Photography Festival 2015 and England Uncensored at the Visa pour l’Image Festival of Photojournalism, France. Written contributions have been commissioned for the New Yorker and Telegraph magazine.Hungry Eye film + photography magazine publishes the column, The Dench Diary, in each issue. Peter cofounded White Cloth Gallery Leeds, a photography & film events space in 2012 operating as Co-creative Director until October 2014.

Peter has published three books of his work that are available at the festival; “Alcohol & England”, “The British Abroad” and Dench Does Dallas. Peter will be exhibiting a selection of pictures from Alcohol & England at HIP Photography Festival 2016 and as Patron of the festival, he will be curating an exhibition by an artists who he has introduced to the festival GHETTO PROM By Ilvy Njiokiktjien.

Exhibition details

START DATE: Oct 1st Oct 30th

Location details

Creative and Cultural Galleries, Main Deck Princes Quay
Princes Quay, Princes Dock Street, Hull, United Kingdom

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